Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fat Bottom Bag

Fat Bottom Bag

This bag was fairly easy to crochet. It only took me about a week to finish it and that was in my very limited spare time. The main stitch was a herringbone half double crochet (hhdc) which I hadn't done before. It was easy and gives the bag a nice pattern.

Before starting the handles, I added a lining to the inside to give it more structural support.

I followed the directions as if I was going to add solid, circular handles like the pattern called for. But instead of adding circular handles (I didn't find any that I liked), I crocheted longer straps onto the bag. Actually, longer straps are more practical for me as they keep my hands free while wrangling two kids.

To make the straps, I crocheted into the sides of the bag and the sides of what was supposed to be the original handles. The straps are 6 rows of single crochet (sc). Each strap is about 80 sc stitches (sts) (not counting the stitches that are joined to the bag itself). You could adjust the number of sts to make the straps any length you desire.

I also added a button and button loop to keep the bag closed when in use. The button loop is 2 rows of 12sc.

The final touch was a stripe of pink and white yarn. I wove the two pieces of yarn through the bag on both sides.

I used it the other night and it held all of my stuff without a problem (wallet, cell phone, lipstick, keys, gum).

It is a quick project and would make an excellent gift for someone.

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  1. I love your variation of the FBB.
    And that you have already used it with satisfaction.
    I've finished my first FBB, lined it and now am ready for In Bloom. Since I bought the book last week I've found several patterns in it. Sure will get my money's worth from this book.